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State Leadership      
IAVAT leadership is made up of a Board of Directors, consisting of a past president, president, vice president, treasurer, and a district director representing each of the five districts in the state of Illinois. Each district consists of five sections, each with a section chair.

IAVAT Dues and Donations form      
Please use this form to submit the required information for IAVAT and affiliate membership. An automated invoice will be sent to the email submitted for payment processing.

IAVAT members have the opportunity to serve on one of thirteen state committees, determined at section and district meetings during the annual IAVAT conference.

IAVAT Membership Resources      
Includes types of memberships and dues structures and packages.

IAVAT History      
The Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 promoted a new kind of education for many high school of the country. Federal funds, on a matching basis, were to be made available to those high schools that would organize and conduct classes in agriculture over a 12-month period; and, hire a qualified teacher to conduct these classes on a "learn-by-doing" basis. By 1920, one hundred high schools were organized under the provisions of the Smith-Hughes Act and the directives of the Illinois State Board of Vocational Education.

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Historical Leaders      
Historical leaders includes past IAVAT Presidents and Golden Owl Award (formerly Excellence in Teaching Award) winners.

Golden Owl Award      


  Membership Memos
Please complete this form if you would like to notify the Illinois FFA Center about an event in the lives of someone in our FFA Family.  We have SympathyGet WellCongratulations and Baby cards, please let us know who needs a note or memo for a pick me up or a celebration.  Thanks so much for taking the time to care and share for those in our agricultural education family.  

  IAVAT/NAAE Teacher Crisis Fund
All IAVAT active members are eligible to receive a one-time assistance stipend up to $500.00 to assist in an extreme time of need from the IAVAT Crisis Relief Fund. The application will be forwarded to the NAAE Crisis Relief Fund if the member is eligible.

To apply complete this application and submit it by email to the IAVAT President or the appropriate District Director.

To donate to the IAVAT Crisis Relief Fund visit this link.

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