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NIU  (District 2)  - NIU Edible Campus & STEAM Program Coordinator
This Edible Campus Project Coordinator will be split between farm management of the Edible Campus Gardens and NIU STEAM Instructional delivery and outreach related to food systems. Knowledge of gardening, food systems and instructional delivery are essential as the project expands into additional traditional gardening space, brings the aeroponic towers and hydropod online, and increases outreach to families, students and community members. All tasks will be under the supervision of the Edible Campus Director.
Position Summary
The Edible Campus Project Coordinator will develop and implement the priorities and goals, comprehensive timelines, budget and assignments for staff and volunteers for Edible Campus under the supervision of the Director. This includes, but is not limited to, garden tasks such as growing, planting, seeding, weeding, watering and other farm-management tasks.

The coordinator will also deliver related instructional, curricular and professional development activities for NIU STEAM. This includes developing curriculum in high-quality, standards aligned STEAM content and delivering instruction in and out of the formal classroom environment in areas like afterschool programs or camps, including some evenings, weekends and summer. Professional development activities will be delivered in credit courses or non-credit stand-alone conferences and workshops.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Edible Campus Farm Management
  • Project manager for the planning, development, and administration of farm deliverables and special projects for Edible Campus.
  • Includes development, management, and coordination of Edible Campus Gardens, including, but not limited to, overseeing the growing, planting, seeding, weeding, watering and other farm-management tasks as needed in the garden.
  • Development and implementation of priorities and goals; strategic planning; and comprehensive timeline for event categories, tasks, and assignments for professional and support staff.
  • Logistics management/coordination of the garden.
  • Oversee operations to ensure program goals and objectives are met within timelines and within budget.
  • Researching and implementing specifications for the purposes of program growth, communication, task efficiency, budget improvement, and environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Contract management for external services and partners.
  • Serve as liaison for inter-departmental and affiliate collaboration to coordinate and manage external support for event needs.
  • Assist in report development in collaboration with Director and delivery team.
  • Website and media management, including assigning and coordinating responsibilities across professional and support staff.
  • Supply and resource management and coordination for personnel and grant operations.
  • Assists in budget development and tracks budget health across multiple funding sources throughout the year.
  • Supervise student workers, extra-help, and graduate assistants.

Instructional Delivery and Assessment for NIU STEAM
  • Develop and teach non-credit courses in the area of expertise
  • Develop instructional and informational applications for customers.
  • Direct the work of assigned students and graduate assistants to ensure that programs meet requirements for deadlines, budgets and quality.
  • Recruit and collaborate with NIU faculty, staff, and students to participate in NIU STEAM instructional programs.
  • Support all staff in a continuous improvement process that upgrade methodologies, technologies, and reference materials, producing metrics that establish program accountability.
  • Coordinate with P20 Center’s personnel to ensure effective and efficient administration and operation.
Other related tasks that impact instructional improvement or innovation
  • Work with staff and students in instructional development, delivery and evaluation.
  • Coordinate with P20 Center’s personnel to ensure effective and efficient administration and operations.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with external individuals and organizations, including developing and sustaining both new and existing partnerships.

Contact Person
Additional job description, details, and application can be found here.

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